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35KV dry type transformer
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35KV dry type transformer



Dry type transformer is in accordance with "GB 6450-86 "Dry-type Power Transformer", GB 10228-1997 "Technical Parameter and Requirement of Dry-type Power Transformer and "GB 1094.1-1996 "Power Transformer Section 1 General", and it is the Grade F or H insulation dry-type power transformer cast and molded by epoxy resin.


1. Brief Description:

The resin-insulated dry-type transformer is a safe, fire-retardant, fireproof, pollution-free transformer directly installed in load center. With the improvement of people’s living condition, the urban and rural electrical load increases continuously, and the oil-free, fireproof, safe, and reliable dry-type transformer with a long service life and simple maintenance has been applied more widely.

2. Application Scope

This transformer mainly applies to hotels, high-rise buildings, business centers, residential quarters, stadiums, factories, airports, ports, subways and mines underground, etc, and is especially suitable for the areas with special fireproof requirements, for example, limited installation space and load center of cities and towns.

3. Model Description

4. Standards

GB1094.1, GB1094.2, GB1094.3, GB1094.5, GB1094.11

IEC 60076-1:2000,IEC 60076-2:1993, IEC 60076-3:2000, IEC 60076-5:2006, IEC 60076-11

GB/T 10228, GB20052, etc

5. Normal Service Conditions

Height above sea level: Not greater than 1,000m;

Ambient temperature: Maximum temperature: +40℃;

Maximum daily average temperature: +30℃;

Maximum annual average temperature: +20℃;

Minimum outdoor temperature: -25℃;

Installation environment: ground acceleration caused by earthquake: ag<2m/s

6. Features

1. The coil is resin-cast, with good overall mechanical strength, thus improving the ability of the transformer to withstand the short circuit.

2. With very good humidity resistance and corrosion resistance, the product is especially suitable to work in extremely harsh environment, and may be put into operation again without drying after stopping operation.

3. Low partial discharge and long operation life.

4. Free from oil and pollution, fire-retardant, flame-retardant, self-extinguishing and fireproof.

5. Convenient installation, free from debugging and maintenance, and low operation cost.

6. Perfect temperature protection control system provides reliable guarantee for the safety of transformer.



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