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YBP (M) -120.4 Series European Box-type transformer substation
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YBP (M) -120.4 Series European Box-type transformer substation



The Product is the same with place which electro- area, such as site of build, port, airport and temporaryelectro-area of build and so on.

•High-pressure side of the ring can be used, dual or single terminal into line, low pressure any outlet;
•The available mesh fonts and goods font layout increase operating corridor;
•Composite plate shell, has good corrosion resistance;
•Frame profiles welding, strict antiseptic treatment;
•Enclosure protection class IP23 and IP33, a comprehensive anti-misuse and chain functions;
•With effective sun protection, heat-resistant, and good natural ventilation cooling structure, strong ventilation system can be installed according to customer requirements;
•The transformer dry change, oil change can be adopted;
•Reliable operation, easy installation operation and maintenance;
•Pleasing in appearance, and composite panels of different colors according to customer requirements.

Product use condition
•Altitude Above Sea Level:≤1000m
•Ambient Temperature
 Highest Temperature:+40℃ Lowest
 Lowest Temperature :-25℃(clodest)
•Ambient Humidity
 Rilative Humidity≤95%
 Relative Humidity of Menmal≤90%(25℃)
•Wind power ≤700pa(wind speed is 34m/s)
•Arate of inclination≤3℃

•Fix it on the place which without fire, causticity, burning gas, vapour and earthquake


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