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ZGS11 serise american  Box-type transformer substation
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ZGS11 serise american  Box-type transformer substation


Product is the same with place which electro-area, such asliving area, emporia, industy, site of build, oil field,roadway, port airport and temporary electro-area of build and so on.

•Small bulk, perfect figuration. Convenience to fix, operate, upkeep, and credibilityto run.
•Three-phase five-column structure transformer winding connection group using Dyn11 connection with low loss, low noise, zero-sequence voltage from suppression, interfering phase voltage, lightning protection performance, the characteristics of unbalanced load capacity.
•We adopt back-up protective fuse and inserted fuse to protect it.
•Made crust of armor plate, and deal with especially technics to antisepsis.
•Crust protection grade is IP33.

National standards of product

GB1094.1-1996   ( power transfarmer part one general principle )
BGAT6451-1999   (the technical parameters and requirements of therr-phase vacuum-impregnated power
GB/T16274-1996  ( the technical parameters and requirements of vacuum-impregnated poweer
BG3906-1991     ( 3~35kV AC Metal Enclosed Switchgears )
GB7251-1997     (low voltage complete switchgears and control equipment)
GB/T14048-1998  (general principle of low voltage switch equipment and control equipment)
GB/T17467-1998  ( high/Low voltage package substaion )
GB/T11022-1999  (common technical requirement of high voltage switchgears and control equipment standard )

Product use condition

Altitude Above Sea Level: ≤1000m

Ambient Temperature
Highest Temperature:+40°C
Highest Average menmal Temperature +35°C
Lowest Temperature:-20°C
Maximum Difference in Daliy Temperature 25K
Ambient Humidity
Rilative Humidity of Daily ≤95%
Rilative Humidity of Daily ≤90%
Earthquake Intensity: 8 degree

Defilement level: III


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